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Our Commitment to Aviation Safety

Almost 30 years ago, Aircraft Services Group was founded by two private aircraft owners seeking to build a new kind of private aviation company; one dedicated to cost transparency, an exceptional personal owner experience, and, above all else, safety. A quarter century later, our team of experienced pilots, skilled maintenance technicians, and knowledgeable dispatch honor their legacy with an industry-recognized (Argus, Wyvern, ISBAO) commitment to the highest of safety standards and multiple members of our team on industry-level committees engaged in the formation and development of new safety technologies.

We know that the industry‚Äôs current impressive safety record — the current generation of aircraft have an accident rate of only 1.5 accidents per one million departures — is ultimately a result of investment in those technological developments introduced, and eventually alchemized, in the second half of last century.

To think that pilots once had rely on steam gauges seems amazing in our current world of fly-by-wire systems and glass cockpit technology…

But that’s why Aircraft Services Group employs an internal Director of Safety, whose full-time job is to ensure the business is running to the highest standards and employing the latest developments in safety technology.

Take, for example, the PlaneGard by Highwater Innovation:

This fire containment case is specifically designed to protect from Lithium-ion battery fires that can occur in devices like laptops, tablets, readers, and smartphones. And unlike “burn bags” — which the FAA has specifically warned travelers against using — PlaneGard boasts 100%-containment technology, thus rendering harmless any and all flames, heat, smoke, toxic fumes, and flammable vapors that can overwhelm a cabin in a matter of minutes.

Speaking of smoke, we also are proud to recommend and employ the Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS) by Vision Safe:

The leader in smoke displacement technology, EVAS provides a clear space of air through which a pilot can see flight instruments and out the front windshield for landing the plane in the event of in cockpit smoke. Because while the FAA does regulate the implementation of smoke goggles that protect the pilot’s eyes, they do nothing when it comes to improving those pilots’ vision.

EVAS also operates independent of the aircraft’s power, relying instead on a self-contained battery-power supply, pump, and filters in each storage case.


We here at Aircraft Services Group promise to continue making your safety our number one concern by continuing to invest in the newest technologies, cockpit data monitoring systems, and recurrent pilot and crew training. To learn more about how we can serve your aviation needs, feel free to reach out to us at via the contact form at the bottom of this page, or email me directly via [email protected].

Until then, safe travels!

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